Wednesday 20 October 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Hey Readers,

Success!!! Today I weighed myself with some trepidation but now I don't have to worry. for the last few days, I have been sneaking in exercise whenever and where ever I could, whether it was hip circles on the line at the bank, or snake arms in the elevator, and walking up the stairs, in lunge mood.  I have been getting it in, I also parked further and walked to the store.

Yesterday i wanted to start doing more "formalized" workouts so I went for a walk with my dad around the local tracks I did 6 laps!!!!! In between i would stop and do pushups (15 total), squats, and 15 tricep dips ; along with to warm up before the laps I did jump ups on the picnic tables as well as high lunges from the seats. It was amazing. End result i can still feel it in my muscles so today is walking on the treadmill with some yoga for stretching and belly-dancing later.

 last weeks weigh-in 245lbs 
Todays weigh in 240lbs

Yes!!! I will be doing as much of this as possible, since i have been forced to change my diet, because now its also dairy products (Goddess alive what am i going to do without cheese???) I have been choosing healthier snacks (now i have no choice, its eat it and be sick or not eat it and be healthy).  It's been an adventure thats for sire!!

Recipes coming soon of some of my new gave dishes!!
How has your week gone? Do any exercises? Choose a healthier snack? Share in the comments section.
Blessed Be

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