Tuesday 19 October 2010

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What would Samhain be without some Ghost and Gholies???
Well let me share some local tales from New England. I live in Connecticut in one of the original 13 colonies this state has seen its fair share of bloody battles and institutions. All with their own ghostly stories.

I’ll start with ones closest to me, In Trumbull there isn’t a high school student who hasn’t taken the dare of driving down a one way strip of dirt road, where the trees know no boundaries and slowly close in on your car as the drive goes deeper. Out here the sun doesn’t really shine and at the end of this road is a Gothic church with black doors leading in, and almost no room to turn around. It seems the road changes as it goes, because no matter what size your car, the drive is always just a little too close for comfort. It’s called Dracula Drive. And there are many tales of the who and what live within its woods. The most serious of dares? A midnight drive down this road on Halloween.
Of course being me I decided to take that dare. I will never ever again take dares from friends. To this day I’m still not quite sure what happened, several friends and I took the drive, me in the passenger seat, giving directions, (not that there is much to give) follow Madison Ave all the way in when you have passed the White Church your almost there, it will be you and the road from there on. The further you drive the darker it gets, even high fog beams don’t cut this darkness and there is a feeling of anticipation as if the night knows what’s coming. Out here sound can carry for miles, yet seems to be swallowed by the night. We got to the end and got out of the car…..If you are bold enough, take the dare, what’s seen or heard out here is different for everyone.
I believe I stated I wouldn’t take dares again??? Yeah well I never really listen, the next place in Fairfield County is on Lindley Ave in Bridgeport CT, this home has seen its fair share of ghost and ghoulies, and now lays abandoned. This story starts in 1974 and involves Maria Goodin and her family, the events were witnessed by a Bridgeport Police officer who answered a disturbance call and was greeted by the cat, yes you read that right the cat spoke to the officer, and its all on record, the cop wrote everything up, And a famous ghost hunting couple the Warrens came out to help the family. This also a Halloween dare in CT to walk up to the home that sits abandoned and knock on the door. Although many have stated that it was a hoax, there seems to be a persistent belief by many that this house is truly haunted. Either way on Halloween there is a certain chill in the air around this home.
There are even more stories of ghost towns due to the constant redrawing of the CT state map and the absorption of small towns into bigger ones. There are many stories of Revolutionary war soldiers who wonder into people’s homes and some who still seem to think there is still a war. There are many books you can check-out about the haunting.
Haunted Connecticut Spooky New England Passing Strange
Legendary Connecticut Cursed In New England
There are many more tales I wish to share, but that would take up a lot more pages, so suffice to say if you wish to find a haunted home Connecticut is one of the best states to live in for it.
P.S. Amendment to the original post:
One of the things I haven't talked about is : My own home. Yes ladies and gents, I am living in a haunted home.  When we moved in, it was fine, once we got settled in we noticed what sounded like footsteps in the attic.  Except our attic stops over the master bedroom, the steps were heavy and you would hear doors slamming even when your the only one in the home.   
  One Christmas, my dad was crashed on the couch and I heard him talking I went into the room and asked him who he was talking to, he looked at me strange and mentioned my younger sister, I pointed out to him, she was upstairs and has been for over an hour.  He looked back at the spot he thought she was sitting in and told me he had seen her there.  My younger sister had mentioned before that she say a younger girl sitting near the fireplace.
  Several other family members have mentioned hearing the girl's laughter, as well as many things going missing. My Mom's keys going missing the day she is supposed to go to New York City with her students, which turned into 9/11 she was late as well as her class, 
When we began renovations the little girl disappeared, she never really made any trouble just appeared and disappeared in the oddest positions around the rooms.  The older man, who was the owner of the home before us, and had passed away there, he left once we renovated the roof & the upstairs, which is when we found out that the home was once bigger but due to a tree falling into the roof, it was renovated without the third floor (neat huh). So that's my home, where my passed on family members who drop by with warnings, and share tales which sometimes become relevant and sometimes not; and the two former ghosts who seemed to have passed on.

As always fly safe

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