Wednesday 27 October 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Hello dear readers,

Today is weigh-in day, time to account for what we have doing for the last week, so here we go

New weight: 232
Old weight: 240

I also screwed up the courage to measure the inches so here they go:

thighs: old: 26, new 24 1/2
hips: old: 47in new 46 1/2
waist: old:48, new 45
bust: old: 49, new:47
arms: it's the same 15 in
size 16 pants size 18 fall off now!!!!

OmGoddess Can I tell you how excited I am that this is working? I am so happy to see these numbers, so here is an idea of what my workout was like:

I walked two days with my parents around the local baseball field, 
day 1: 6 laps
day 2 5 laps (it started to rain, so home we went)
I took three days off, because I was hurting in paces I had forgotten I had!!

Then yesterday I walked 5 laps and ran 2, yes ladies and gents I ran the laps, the way i did it was to walk 1/2 the lap then run the other half, I did this for four laps equaling two ran laps, and it felt Gooooood!!!
How are you doing my loves? Have you done your numbers?

Blessed Be


  1. Congrats! This is awsome to hear! I have not had the courage to pull out the measuring tape, maybe now I will, thanks.

  2. @ Faerie Sage, Let me tell you I almost didn't, but I told myself if i have lost weight the inches have to show too. Some places like my waist and bust show it, but my legs and arems, not so much, so this helps show what i need to work on. I now know where i need some extra reps and its motivating even if its only 1/2 an inch gone, soon it will be more, so get motivated it will help you see where you are and give you a bit of a map to where to go!!! BB


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