Monday 18 October 2010

What would Samhain be

without the Gods?

As an eclectic witch i can pull from many different traditions for my celebrations. For Samhain i like to pull not just from my Patron Deities but also from my ancestral homes of Scotland and Africa.  There are many Deities of the season (probably as many as there are pantheons) and many ways in which to honor them. Here are some of the ways I honor my Gods and ancestors for the season. 

I create a special altar to the dead, this one holds prominence in my home and carries the pictures of those that have passed recently as well as those that have gone on before.  I place these precious pictures next to leaf I made several years ago in a ceramics class, as this helps me to remember that like the season the leaf represents life also has its own timing.  It also doubles as a Dumb Supper plate, here I place small pieces of the harvest from the years garden..

I have stated before that I am a follower of the Morrigan, and recently have begun to work with the magical energies of Anubis, the Kemetic God of Mummification and Death.  In many myths Anubis is the son of  Osiris and Nephthys who is sister of Isis and wife to Set(h). To protect him Nephthys hid Anubis in the marshes of Egypt and was found by Isis who raised him. (sound familiar?)  When Osiris left to ake his teachings around the world Anubis left with him. 

 When Set killed Osiris, Anubis organised the burial and created the mummification rituals.  When a soul passes it is met by Anubis who ushers them through the underworld to the judgement with Maat.  When they are judged worthy He helps them through the underworld to the throne of Osiris.  

On Samhain night, one can place on the altar or the dumb supper table an image of Anubis, you can request his help in meeting the one or ones who are dead and allowing them to return to visit. Anubis's name means "one who sits atop a mountain" which harkens to the belief that Anubis watched the cemetery and protected it from grave robbers.  The Jackal is associated with Anubis because of the jackals love of digging up graves that weren't deep enough and ravaging the bodies; this to many was Anubis destroying the soul of the person since he or she was found wanting when their heart was weighed against Ma'at's feather. 

To represent Him, I will place a small mummy (you can make your own if you like) on the altar as a way to call Anubis as well as my holder for incense which has a jackal on it.  You can also visit a local cemetery (probably not at night, no need to bring home un-wanted visitors) and either bring flowers to a family member, decorate their grave or simply visit with the other graves, (much like the Mexican day of the Dead), these are all good ways in which to show your appreciation of the God.

Remember that He is not a jinn and is not here to grant your wishes, He is to be called only when necessary and is to be respected at All times!!! This God is old; older than the worship of Osiris, where He used to be the God of the Dead, He is not to be trifled with!!!!
Why not share in the comments what you do to honor your Gods and Goddesses? Happy Samhain


  1. I really like that you have a special guide to the other world with Anubis. I don't have a specific deity per se who I communicate with the dead for, but I always have a Day of the Dead Altar and I place beautiful Day of the Dead Angels on it. It's interesting that I haven't thought of a specific god/goddess for the Dead. Anubis I know is a very powerful god and I've commented before here about Bastet being one of my patron deities. She really isn't a bridge though. Although, Persephone I pay homage to all throught the year, but she's more of my constant link to the Underworld. I hope you take photos of your altar! I think it would be such a great idea to have a blog just for peoples altars and how they represent their patrons? what do you think?

  2. @Wendy That would be a fabulous idea!!! maybe a community blog and have everyone send in their pictures and what the items mean!! Persephone is an amazing Goddess to communicate with, since she is the Queen of the Dead.


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