Saturday 16 October 2010

My Samhain Altar

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Welcome to the blog post for the Halloween Party
Last year was my first year online as a part of the “pagan community” on Youtube.  For my first video I shared my altar and my Samhain decorations.
Here for this party I also wanted to share these pictures with you.  Over the years what I put on my altar has evolved and become uniquely my own, so while you might not see this setup listed in an altar section of a pagan book, I love it!!!
The main thing about my altar? Its a bookshelf tucked into the Southern most corner of the room, beneath a window, so when the moon rises it gets washed in her rays. It also gets touched by the sun when it rises also.  The South is the symbol of Fire, and of course this is an amazing symbol of fall, because the leaves make the place look like its on fire (much like Mabon's hair), the colors of the South are also colors of Fall, red, orange, black.  The south also symbolizes the God and fertility, since it is his death which enables us to have food for the coming winter, and also his seed that the Goddess carries during the winter.
The South is for purifying, and masculine energy, as fire can both by destructive and cleanings.  In the deep woods, the fire can destroy the woods, but from this destruction new woods can grow, newer plants are grown and it helps in clearing debris from the land.  
Here in this first picture is my altar pre- ritual.. 

The Goddess I made in ceramics class a few years ago, my pentacle I made as a wood burned project. The glass chalice is about four years old it actually has stars blasted into it. So I picked it up. The fruit are fall symbols with the promise of spring tucked inside (seeds) much like the Goddess at this moment, she too is carrying a tiny seed tucked inside (ok that sounded creepier than i meant it)
Here in this picture, you can see the window,
 the Moon candle holder is for lighting my working candle (not for the magical purpose just for light) and this one found its way to me at a craft fair. I got it for ...wait for it ... 1.99, and I didn't even bargain for it.!!!!  The flowers are from my mothers garden (she has an affinity for roses) and I saved them for magical workings later.  

This is the altar pre- working, I have cleared away all the decorative items have simply the necessary tools to do my magical rite!  The wooden bowl is an African decorative bowl which I purchased from Target when they had a fall decorative sale, The energy that comes through the wood is astounding (and yes its real wood from real Africa not Africa by way of China).. I also have my tarot cards here on the altar to charge and be blessed as tonight (Samhain) is a good night for divination.

This next picture

allows you to see the top of the altar post working my Samhain ritual, I have an amazing image of the green man in the eaves of French church which I placed on the altar, the two candles that i have had for years ( I never burn them).  This picture shows the first shelf of the bookshelf where i keep ritual supplies, my candles, incense, my green working candle, my mixing bowls for incense and such, and ritual water. 
This mini Buddha altar, 
stays up year round, the cloth is actually a place mat which I found at Christmas tree for a 1.00!!! And its lasted for several years. My small mortar and pestle, as well as my bamboo which I purchased at Ikea along with its vase 3.00 in total. I have in front of the Buddha (which i got at Target, and he is actual wood) a candle and incense which I burn (almost) daily  The fall themed acorn next to him was also created by me in ceramics class!!

This hangs on the wall next to my altar, 
its a besom i got at a craft store and decorated myself with a fall themed rubbon and contains several magical amulets which I charged that night.  The black dot that you can't really make out is my green man face which I use to symbolize the God on my altar,Here He is watching the room from an excellent vantage point.

And now to explain the beer, My Goddess is the Morrigan, and one doesn't summon her without a proper offering on the table, She's Irish so a good beer will help to appease her, since I didn't have Guinness (which would have been better) I served her something we Jamaicans love!!  there are only three beers many Jamaicans will drink, Guinness, Heineken, and Red Stout. I was fresh out of the other two so Heineken it is. At the end of the ritual, I take the beer, a small offering of food (some moon cakes, some fall dish of veggies and Meat, must have meat) and take it to the four way cross roads near me (at the end of my block actually). Four ways are associated with Halloween because of Hecate, I leave these here for her and the hounds of the Wild Hunt (hence the meat)..

So this is my Samhain, what does your altar look like?  Thanks so much for stopping by Blog Tours!! And Thanks Vanessa of Fanciful Twist for creating this blog party!!
Brightest blessings


  1. And thanks to all my readers for coming by for The 31 Days of Halloween Haunted Blog Tour!

  2. I'm here by way of Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween Haunted blog tour.. love your altar.. as a MorRhiogan follower myself.. I like your appeasement! Blessings!

  3. Visiting from Mrs B's, very nice graphics, like your thing,for me, the font is a little small and stylized for me to read. But overall, great page.

  4. great explanation of everything - hopped by from mrs B's blog - thanks for sharing it all

  5. Your alter pictures are beautiful! I hope you have a happy Halloween!

  6. I love how you've explained where all your altar pieces have come from, they have meaning for you and they have each been chosen with care.

  7. Aisha,
    Your altar looks so beautiful!! I have subscribed to your youtube page as well , I can't wait to watch some of your videos about your pagan journey
    :-) Thank you for stopping by my party as well!
    Happy Halloween/Samhain, and Blessed Be !

  8. Great post and love the pictures! Your newest follower here from Vanessa's Halloween Party!~Lisa
    Happy Halloween

  9. What a blessed post. Happy Halloween to you and yours!
    Roisin x

  10. Your altar is lovely! I totally believe in having a place for all the things that speak to your heart!! ♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  11. Just lovely! Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!

  12. A great post! Thank you for sharing it with me! I had a lot of fun and I hope you'll visit me as well!


  13. A great post and really informative too :) Thanks for sharing!

    This was my first time taking part in a blog party but I had so much fun!


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