Sunday 31 October 2010

Blessed Samhain

*This is a repost since for some reason Blogger screwed up (or it could have been me), but somehow the post for Samhain was erased and replaceed with something else. So here's what i think was up*

Have a Happy and Blessed Samhain my loves, May the Gods and Goddesses Bless you in this new Year. .

Fly Safe and happy trick or treating.


  1. Blessed Samhain to you too. :)

  2. May this Samhain bring you deep courage to keep following your path and gifts from your guardian ancestors.

  3. Happy Samhain
    Blessings to you on these chilly magical days of the year, may the passing of the old year sweep aside all your fears and worries and the coming of the new bring you joy, happiness & honour.

  4. @ Faerie Sage that is a beautiful blessing which I can't top so in return i think i will just wish you a Blessed and Happy Samhain and Happy New Year Thanks )o(

  5. @ Avie Thank you and many Happy Samhain blessings to you too.

  6. @ Wendy thank you so much for the blessings, I'm working on walking the path without fear, I wish to extend to you many happy blessings and bountiful joy on your path Happy Samhain


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